Thursday, May 9, 2013

I like...

I like the way your voice sounds.
I like the way you laugh. 
I like the way you smoke a cigarette.
I like the way you write.
I like the way you procrastinate.
I like the way you work.
I like the way you kiss.
I like the color of your skin.
I like the sound of your breath.
I like the shape of your body.
I like your blue eyes.
I like that you don't like oatmeal.
I like that you don't rush.
I like that can relax.
I like that you don't worry.
I like that you do worry.
I like that you're unsure.
I like that your witty.
I like that you're smart.
I like that you're name starts with the letter A.
I like the smell of your skin.
I like the warmth of your embrace.
I like the way you say my name.
I like the way that you yell at me.
I like that you can cook.
I like that all the little things that make you the most genuine person Ive ever met.
I like the way you embrace the day.
I like your outlook on life.
I like that every second I spend with you feels like an hour.
I like that every hour I spend with you feels like a second.
I like that a day never feels long enough.
I like that we disagree.
I like that we agree.
I like that you're shorter than I am.
I like that you're awesome.
I like that i know alot about you.
I like that there is still an endless part of you that I wont ever know.
I like finding new hiding spots.
I like hiking with you.
I like watching movies with you.
I like your faithfulness.
I like that you're an artist.
I like that you're a good artist.
I like that you're multi-talented.
I like that you can sing.
I like that you love children.
I like that you love cats.
I like that you want a baby,
I like that you know you're not ready.
I like the endless love you feel for everyone.
I like that you love Taylor Swift.
I like that you know when enoughs enough.
I like your teeth.
i like your cheeks.
I like the smell of your hair.
I like that I could keep writing about you forever.
i like that I would never run out of good things to say about you.
I like that you're my best friend.
I like that you’ll always be there for me.
I love you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blackbird Cover!

Hey guys!

check out this new song Ive been working on!...Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Everyone has a place that doesn't necessarily belong to him, but makes him feel
something greater than himself. That place creates a state of mind where he feels
comfortable, fostering a safe haven that he can call his own. For me, that place is
only a short walk from home, and I call that place “Ireland.” It is the place I run to
when I feel down, and the place I’ve had some of my best memories. Ireland is the
place where I go to feel whole, drawing strength from its life, beauty and charm.
The first time I visited “Ireland” was on a cold, winter day. I was on a walk with a
girl I had been dating for a while. As we walked, we came across what appeared to
be an old, run-down train station. Curious about the place, we decided to walk over
and check it out. The building was rectangular and sided with aged, wooden
shingles. Each shingle had a few scrapes and chipped out pieces, each telling stories
of storms and other weather it had endured during its long life. There were also
four windows set out evenly across the front of the building with two doors set
precisely between them. A few old benches were scattered alongside the wall of the
building and some small flowerpots here and there. The back of the building looked much like the front. The only difference was the large green sign
that read “Annville” in big white letters, hung above the center window. The roof
was an average rooftop with a few small gables; it covered the uppermost part of the
building and was composed of red roofing shingles with a small brick chimney bursting up from the top left hand side. Anyone could tell that this was at one time
or another a heavily-used train station. If you looked inside the windows you could
see old telephones, newspapers, and various piles of junk scattered around the
rooms. It was a thought-provoking and interesting collection of useless objects.

We found a decent-looking bench along the back wall and decided
this would be a great place to sit and talk for a while. However, as we sat and held
each other close, we didn’t say a single word; we let the world around us do the
talking. We looked and saw endless, rolling hills with a fair amount of trees settled
on the crest. On one of the hills there was a spectacular farmhouse that had a red
roof and a white foundation. Next to it was a large barn, also painted white but with
a black rooftop. A white fence marked the perimeter of the property, with a gate in
the middle for the driveway. Within the fence there were horses roaming around
their pen. Every now and then one would begin to run and the others would
follow, together becoming a stampede of wonderfully powerful horses.

Right behind the train station sat a railroad line, which is still used quite heavily
to this day. We watched and listened as the trains passed us by. The shrill and
powerful sound of their horns shook us and held us without release until they finally
decided to move along. Their sound fit their physical presence very well. They were
intimidating, giant bullets that flew across the tracks, threatening certain death to
anyone or anything that got in their way. As they passed they left an echo of
large wheels clanking and screeching as they rolled along their way, wheel after
wheel, cart after cart, down the tracks and out of sight.

We heard the constant wind, whispering secrets to anybody who would stop
and listen for a while. The leaves rustled, some on the ground, and some left
in the almost naked trees. Together, we enjoyed natures song, a symphony of
wonderful and powerful music. The sound and landscape were unlike anything we
had ever heard; or, maybe, perhaps this was the first time we had actually listened.

As the seasons changed, we continued to revisit Ireland day after day.
Each season brought something new to the soundscape and the landscape.
Spring brought brighter and warmer days; it gave me the feeling of new life after
such a cold winter. The trees began to blossom and the songbirds began to
sing their songs of nonsense and joy.

Summer brought youth and laughter to Ireland. The days got warmer and
the sounds grew stronger. In the distance you could hear farming machines or
children laughing and playing games. The fields, trees, and flowers were alive once
again. The lush green of the fields matched the green of the grass almost perfectly
and created a landscape more beautiful than any I have seen since or before then.

"Ireland" ultimately takes me to a rejuvenating state of mind where I can clear
my thoughts and focus on the world that lays in front of me. I can let the sounds and
sights wash over me and cleanse my mind and soul. It is my fountain of youth, so to
speak. When I need a break, or when life seems like too much, I can always return to
“Ireland” and forget everything all over again.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Idea!

So, Im sitting in class...and all of a sudden I have what I believe to be a brilliant idea...

..So I have to write a lot of essays..Right?
...And I really wish I would update my blog a lot more...Right?....
So, my solution is this...every time I write an essay Ill upload it to my blog...
It will make it more fun and hopefully Ill get a lot of constructive criticism on my essays!..

Bloody brilliant idea if you ask me!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Help me!!!!

Alrighty guys, this is an essay Im writing for college!

Let me know what you think, what you would change, if you like it, etc.


P.S Mind the layout, blogger did it this way.

My life has always revolved around music. From the moment I was mature enough to

learn to appreciate it, I knew that it would bring me some of the happiest moments of my

life. At about the age of fourteen I began to play the guitar. I soon realized that when it

comes to playing almost any musical instrument three things are required: patience,

perseverance and creativity.

Some time after I became decent at guitar, I decided to start a band. I searched hard to

find band members. Finally, I found a female musician by the name of Alena. She played

a bit of guitar and could sing quite well. As we played shows and practiced together, I

became quite fond of her. I grew to like her more than a friend. I tried to find ways to

show here “signs” of my feelings, but none of them quite got the message across.

The months passed and seasons changed from summer to fall and from fall to winter.

It was about a week or so before Christmas. Fresh snow had fallen overnight. It was a

typical winter day. As I stumbled out of bed that morning, I heard the telephone ring.

Nobody else was around so I answered it. I yawned into the phone a bit and then

grumbled, “hello”? Alena was on the other end, she was curious as to whether or not I

wanted to go out window shopping with her. This was not an unusual affair for us. We

had already gone window shopping quite a few times before. Being that I had feelings for

Alena I always agreed to come along. While we were out that day, Alena pointed out a

belt that she seemed to like quite a lot. It was also quite expensive. Due to that reason, she

didn’t think twice about it. But I did, I decided this would be the perfect “sign” to express

my feelings for her. My only problem was, I had no money.

A couple of days later I was up late watching a television show about street performers.

The television show seemed to suggest the answer to my financial problems. I would take

my guitar, go street performing, and ultimately, make enough money to buy

the belt for Alena. It was a fool proof plan! I mean, if it could work for some bum with no

musical talent at all then it was bound to work perfectly for me!

The next evening, I prepared myself for my endeavor by practicing a few old songs and

learning some new ones. I also decided on exactly place I was going to perform at. There

was a shopping square right across the street from my house, and being that it was only a few days till

Christmas, it was bound to be bustling with people. After about an hour of practice I put

on my jacket and fingerless gloves, grabbed my guitar and headed out the door.

I made my way across the street, the only sound was the constant sloshing of snow and

ice beneath tires. It was a cold night, the type of cold that penetrates your clothing and

skin and gives you a ghostly chill. Only a few piles of snow were left from the snowfall

only a couple of nights before. Most of the snow had somewhat melted and now turned to


As I approached the sidewalk I began to feel a little uneasy about the idea. This would

be the first time I played publicly all by myself. I suddenly felt naked to the world.

I stepped onto the sidewalk and opened up my guitar case. I strapped on my guitar and

began to play. At first, nobody even cared so much as to look at me. I became even more

nervous and began to think that I was playing for a lost cause. Suddenly, however, I

caught the attention of a smiling young couple. They stopped and listened for a bit and

then threw in a five dollar bill before they went along on there way. They liked my music!

My nervousness had now eased a bit and I began to feel more confident. So I

played more enthusiastically, and to my joyous surprise, people began to come and watch.

Eventually, I had a small crowd of people watching me. Only a few of them tipped me,

but still, it was good fun to be playing and to have an audience!

As I stood there and played, my fingers grew numb against my guitar strings. My voice

also began to feel numb in a sense. It got to a point where it was torture to continue on

and play. But I kept on anyways. If there’s one thing that music taught me its that if you

really want to get something done, you’ve always got to persevere.

I had now been playing an hour and a half, most of the stores began to close. As they

did the amount of people shopping died down. I decided to pack up and head home. I

started my way down the street with my guitar case. Fingers numb, voice destroyed,

almost frozen alive. But I was happily satisfied with myself. I kept on thinking to myself,

“People actually like my music”! The thought was so exciting, I almost forgot about

everything else.

When I finally got home, I walked inside and thawed out a bit. Then I decided to count

my earnings. The total added up to fifty-three dollars! More than enough to buy the belt

for Alena! I went back to the shop the very next day and bought it for her. This was it!

The “sign” that would say everything! I couldn’t wait to see her face when I gave it to

her! She might even throw in a kiss if I’m lucky! Well, unfortunately, it didn’t happen

that way. She loved the gift! But not quite as much as I’d hoped. Oh well, at least those

people liked my music.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New song!

This is a new...and most definitely not pro!..."Everything With

Monday, March 7, 2011


Im not afraid,
I know Ive got you.